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Tarah Rocha de Oliveira

General Manager, Senior Trainer, Rainbow Yoga

Tarah started practicing yoga at age 11 after attending a laughter yoga class in the park. A few years later, yoga came to her school. So began her weekly practice, learning traditional asana and meditation from a wise yogini, as an early teen.

At age 23 Tarah committed to a 425 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Sydney, Australia. Ever since she has been enchanted by the magic of yoga, the wonder it brings to life and relationships, and the incredible pathways it opens up in the world!

Tarah has been sharing yoga with communities, children and grownups in Australia and abroad for the past 8 years. You will find her teaching Rainbow Partner Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yoga for Martial Arts globally. Tarah is General-Magic-Maker and Senior Trainer of Rainbow Yoga.

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