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How can I pay for the training?

Pay in Full

Upfront payment via debit cardcredit card or PayPal

Bank Transfer

You can pay the Tuition Fee by transferring directly into our PayPal account or Rainbow Yoga bank account. Please contact info@rainbowyogatraining.com if you wish to make payment by bank transfer. Please include the course you wish to register for and your contact information in the email.

Payment Plan

Chargebee is our platform of choice for a payment plan solution that is simple for both parties, allowing easy, affordable and interest free repayments over 6 months for our 3 day Rainbow Kids Yoga and Rainbow Partner Yoga, and 12 month plans for our 95 hour and 200/360 hour courses. Payment plans are only offered at the Full Tuition price for all courses, and you can register online from each course page!

It’s a simple process to register and pay your first installment online to secure your place in your chosen training! Please choose “pay it off over 6 months” directly under the Register Now button and follow the prompts.

Payment is made via credit card or Paypal, or direct debit via Go Cardless (for Australian customers only), with each installment occurring on the same day each month. Once you are registered you can create a login to your own dashboard, to manage your plan, make additional payments, download invoices and receipts and update payment details.

If you have any questions please send us an email to info@rainbowyogatraining.com

Buy Now, Pay Later with zipPay

Interest free payment plan available for Australian residents.

Learn more about zipPay


Scholarships are available for selected courses, please enquire for more information.

When/ Where is the next training?

We offer Rainbow Yoga Trainings all around the world.

Find a training in your city under Locations.

If you would like to be notified when new training locations or dates are released please email our friendly team at info@rainbowyogatraining.com

What is the course cost?

The Tuition Fees for each course are listed on the course webpages under Early Bird and Full Tuition.

Take advantage of the Early Bird Tuition by registering prior to one month before the course start date.

For more information on Tuition Fees or ways to pay please email info@rainbowyogatraining.com

Are there group discounts available?

Yes, The more the merrier! Rainbow Yoga Training offers a group discount!  10% off for groups of 3 or more 20% off for groups of 10 or more. You must register all together.  Email us at info@rainbowyogatraining for a group discount coupon. 

Will I be qualified to teach Kids Yoga after completing the 3 day training?

You will gain all the skills you need to be certified and ready to teach children of all ages upon completion of the Rainbow Kids Yoga 3-Day Teacher Training.

We have trained over 12,000 Kids Yoga Teachers in our 3-Day Teacher Training, who use our Certificate to gain insurance and teach at schools, kindergartens, yoga studios, gyms, resorts, private classes and much more.

There is no need for you to be a certified yoga teacher, or to be registered with a yoga association in order to teach. Our training requires no other pre-acquired skill besides having a love of children.

Do you have payment plans?

Here at Rainbow Yoga we have flexible payment options so that you can register for your course and pay the tuition off over 6 months

PayPal Payment Plan allowing easy, affordable and interest free repayments over 6 months. Available on Full Tuition for all courses.

To setup a 6 month payment plan with PayPal please email info@rainbowyogatraining.com

Buy Now, Pay Later with zipPay

Create an account with zipPay and confirm your purchase and registration immediately. zipPay is a simple and secure payment option available for Australian residents. It allows you to register now and pay later, with interest free and long term payment options. Select Register Now on the course webpage and zipPay as the payment method.

To enquire about the right payment plan for you email info@rainbowyogatraining.com

Rainbow Yoga Cancellation Policy

For our in-person training:
There are no refunds available unless a medical certificate is provided.

You may request a transfer to another course. Course transfers are only available up until one month before the course you are registered for is due to commence.

You must contact Rainbow Yoga prior to cancelling your registration in order to receive the course transfer. Where the new course has a higher tuition fee, the difference will be charged for the transfer.

For our Level 1 Online RKY TT:
You have a 7-day free trial to this fantastic teacher training which is 100% online.

You can access the training from wherever you are, with internet access. We can’t wait to start this journey with you. You can cancel anytime before the 7 days. After 7 days you will be charged the payment you selected for this training. There is no cancellation after the 7-day free trial.

For all other Online courses:
Once you have commenced there are no refunds available. When purchasing a course or training through Rainbow Yoga the cancellation policy above will apply to your purchase. Before purchasing a course, it is your responsibility to thoroughly read and understand clearly the cancellation policy. We know that sometimes the unexpected happens. It is always our intention to approach all situations with understanding, compassion, and to find a resolution.

For all trainings:
Our trainings are meant to give you the tools to share yoga with children of all ages in a variety of environments such as schools, kindergartens, daycare centres, gyms, yoga studios, private classes, online and more. We want you to share yoga with as many children as you can!

Those trainings ARE NOT for you to create your own children yoga teacher training or use to train adults how to teach yoga to children. Those materials are copyrighted to Rainbow Yoga and a breach of this may result in legal action.

May I transfer to a different location or dates?

You may request a transfer to another course. Course transfers are only available up until one month before the course start date, for the course you are registered for.

You must contact Rainbow Yoga to request a course transfer. Please state your full name, email address, phone number and course you are registered for, along with the course you wish to transfer to. Email info@rainbowyogatraining.com 

How many hours of the 3-Day Training can I miss and still attain a certificate? (Absence/ Attendance Policy)

The 3-Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is jam packed with tools, techniques and ideas for running amazing yoga classes. In this short time we cover a huge amount of information, and every part is really important. We really believe there is value in attending the entire training!

Full participation in the training is mandatory. Please make appropriate family, work and travel arrangements to make sure that your participation in the training is not compromised.

Students who miss more than 1 hour of the total contact hours will not be certified. Arriving late and leaving early from the Teacher Training contributes to non-attendance and must be recorded by the Senior Trainer. This time is subtracted from the total contact hours and counts against the minimum required attendance.

Students may request to do a make-up session at another 3 Day Teacher Training or location. The make-up session will be considered on a case by case basis and is subject to availability. This will be approved by our Registrations Team.

Can I make up some of the work by doing the online training?

Unfortunately, no. These two different modes of training vary slightly in the course content and delivery.

Do you give discounts/ scholarships/ exchange for tickets?

We offer Payment Plans which can be paid off (3 installments, due prior to training). Contact info@rainbowyogatraining.com to request a payment plan.

We do have Financial Aid Scholarships available for our 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training for students that need financial assistance.

Our financial aid comes solely from Gopala and Angel, we have no outside sources helping us out. These limited funds are reserved for students experiencing extreme financial, health, family and otherwise related challenges. And for people who really want to make a difference in the world with children through yoga. We believe that ideally, everyone who really and deeply wants to do the training should be able to. Especially in our current economic climate, we believe yoga is more important than ever. And being able to share yoga with kids (and learn from them) is deeply rewarding.

We only have the amount of one full tuition set aside for each training, we generally split this between two students, giving them 50% off their tuition each.

How to apply:

  • E-mail info@rainbowyogatraining.com and request a Financial Aid application form
  • Fill out the Financial Aid application form by downloading the form directly onto your computer. Email the form back to info@rainbowyogatraining.com. Or the form can be mailed to Rainbow Yoga Training, to request our address please email info@rainbowyogatraining.com.
  • Attach a scanned copy of the first page of your latest Federal Income Tax return.
  • Please be as honest as you can so that we can provide you and other students with the best possible aid that we can.
  • Please only apply for financial aid if the full tuition is totally prohibitive for you.

Once we receive your email, we’ll review it and then write you back. There are no Financial Aid deadlines, but if all financial aid spots are taken for a training and you are approved, you’ll be placed on a waiting list and contacted when a space opens up for the current or future training.

What do I need to bring to the training?

  • Yoga mat
  • Notebook and pens
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks and lunch
  • Laughter and readiness for FUN!

Can I bring my child/ children?

We do sometime have kids present and mostly it works well if they are 6 years old or more. The training is very intense. It is 9 hours a day of moving between playing yoga and listening to practical lectures about teaching techniques. While your child might be able to join in a lot of the activities, it will depend on their patience and temperament during the lecture components.

We suggest that it would be great if you have a friend or relative that can take care of your child/ children for a portion of the training. Otherwise, please bring different activities to keep your child/ children busy and entertained. Full attendance remains essential and mandatory to meet the course qualification, so please ensure this is not compromised.

9 hours (Even if it is 9 hours of fun) is a long day for a child, the Training is also 3 days in a row. As long as you are prepared to give your child the attention they need, it can often work to both keep your child happy and keep the training moving smoothly. The training is amazing, and I’m sure you will have loads of fun sharing it together!

I'm pregnant, can I still attend the training?

Naturally we are completely unfamiliar with your medical history and your pregnancy so we can’t tell you if you should or should not take the course. Please consult your doctor before making a decision about attending the Training during pregnancy.

The course can be very intense, there is a lot of running and jumping involved. However, that being said, you can always modify moves or sit parts out if you need to. You’ll still learn everything, it will just be less exertion. There are videos on our website that will give you an excellent idea of what the course is like, you should show them to your doctor so they also can give you the most informed opinion about taking the Training during pregnancy.

We have had many students join the Training in all stages of pregnancy, however please consult your doctor before confirming.

Can you recommend accommodation options?

We recommend AirB&B, Booking.com, Expedia.com or Hotels.com to search for accommodation options to suit your needs in the Training location. You can use the training location or studio address to refine your search for the closest options.

Can I get insurance using your Certificate?

Yes, you can take take out public liability insurance. There are plenty of options for insurance and seeking local advice from fellow yoga teachers is a great way to come across these. Here are insurance companies that we, and many of our graduates, use:

In Australia: www.insurancehouse.com.au

In Europe: BGi.uk.com

Are there places still available for the course?

Yes, all our trainings on the website have availability. We will display on the site once at Training is sold out.

I'm not a yoga teacher. I'm not very athletic or fit. Is this training suitable/ appropriate for me?

The course is for anyone who loves working with kids or loves yoga. It is for yoga teachers wanting to specialise, and educators wanting to bring the benefits of yoga to their classrooms. It’s for anyone who works with children: Child psychologists, paediatric physiotherapists, paediatric occupational therapists, nurses, speech therapists, nannies and many other therapists and occupations have taken our Training and loved it. It’s also a great for parents to find new ways to connect with their children, and share a healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activity with their families. It is for anyone who wants to expand a current related profession, or learn a new one! All you need is a love for being with children and having fun!

I've never practiced yoga before or don't have much experience, can I still do the training?

Yes! The Training is intensive but also super fun! You do not need to be super flexible or a yogi to participate. During the training there is a lot of hands on and learning done through experience. If you feel you would be more comfortable after attending a few yoga classes prior, please go ahead. But, this is not a requirement. The training also has a large component of theory and learning from the trainer. You will gain a lot of knowledge and skills to apply in your work with children.

What age range/ type of content does the training cover?

  • Gaining valuable teaching experience
  • Yoga for kids aged 18 months – 18 years
  • Over 350 Yoga poses for kids
  • An abundance of creative Yoga games!
  • Breathing and Meditation exercises suitable for kids
  • Guided Imagery and other Relaxation techniques
  • Partner Acrobatics, Human Pyramids, Flying Yoga and other ways to make Yoga super COOL!
  • Partner and Community interactive Yoga for Kids & Teens
  • Thai Massage and other ways to connect, give and receive

Can I do the 95-hour training with no other experience/ training?

To qualify for our 95-hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you need to be a Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training 3-day Graduate.

In 2017 we are hosting a 95-hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles and London.

I am an Alliance certified Yoga Teacher. I have done your 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training and tried to apply as a RCYT but my application was denied. Could you help me understand why?

The Yoga Alliance you are registered with most likely has an hour requirement for you to qualify for the RCYT.

For this reason we have brought you our 95-hour training. Once this is completed, this is recognised as Yoga Alliance certified and you may then submit this certificate to qualify for the RYCT.

I have done your 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training and now want to apply as a RCYT, what do I need to do?

After completing the 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Training you are now able to teach right away!

If you are interested in the RCYT certification you need to be an existing Registered Yoga Teacher.

If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher you need to continue onto our 95-hour training to qualify for the RCYT.

If you are registered with Yoga Alliance Canada or Yoga Australia you can complete additional requirements to qualify for the RCYT without completing the 95-hour training.

For more information please contact info@rainbowyogatraining.com

What’s the difference between the 3 Day and the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training? 

Image: Rainbow Yoga is all about learning fun and engaging ways to teach yoga to kids.

Start Your Journey As A Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher

The 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training consists of 28 contact hours. For Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) this can go towards Continuing Education Credits (CEC) requirements. You will gain all the tools you need to be certified and ready to teach children of all ages upon successful completion of the 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Graduates of this course may use the certificate to gain insurance and teach in schools, kindergartens, yoga studios, gyms, resorts, events, private classes and kids parties. This is a pre-requisite to the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

Image: Teach yoga in schools, kindergartens, yoga studios, gyms, resorts, events, private classes, kids parties and more.

Master Your Skills in Teaching Yoga to Children

To qualify for the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, you must first complete a 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Since your 3 Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate never expires, you may take our 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training anytime after you have completed your first level course. These 28 hours factor into your total number of hours toward earning your 95 hour certificate. Please note this is not necessarily enough to register with a yoga alliance. It’s a great idea to contact your preferred yoga alliance to ask about their specific requirements if registering with them is a priority for you.

Image: Delve even deeper into teaching yoga to kids, and take a step closer to becoming Yoga Alliance Certified.

Becoming Yoga Alliance Certified

To be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and/or Yoga Alliance USA, students must complete both the 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training and the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Link to our 95 Hour Training list) as well as be a registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. Upon successful completion of the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Registered Yoga Teachers will enhance and expand their knowledge with specific tools in specialised areas such as yoga in the classroom, chair yoga, yoga for children with additional needs, low mobility and sensory processing difficulties. Take your teaching ability to the next level, whilst also achieving the Yoga Alliance stamp of approval. 

Image: Yoga Alliance Certification is an internationally recognised certificate for those who have received a certain standard of yoga teacher training at a Registered Yoga School.

Here’s a breakdown to clarify: 

Level 1
3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training
Contact hours: 28

  • Receive a certificate that you can use for Continuing Education Credits with your Yoga Alliance.
  • Use the certificate to qualify for insurance.
  • Teach Rainbow Kids Yoga at school, yoga studios, yoga parties, events and just about anywhere.
  • If you are registered with Yoga Alliance, use the certificate for CECs.
  • This course is a pre-requisite for the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

Level 2
95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training
Contact Hours: 70

  • Receive a certificate that you can use to register as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) if you are registered with Yoga Alliance a 200 Hour RYT or greater. 
  • Learn even more about yoga for children with additional needs and teen yoga. 
  • Learn to teach classroom yoga. 
  • 10 hours of yoga anatomy for children. 
  • Learn more skills and techniques to teach Rainbow Kids Yoga. 
  • Advanced teaching practice. 
  • Must complete a 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training as first to qualify for this course. 

We would love for you to join our Rainbow Yoga family and complete both the first and second level courses to dive deeper into teaching Rainbow Kids Yoga. 

Image: Both our 3 Day and 95 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings provide students with fun skills and techniques for teaching yoga to kids of all ages.

Take the next step in your kids yoga teacher journey 

Start your journey in teaching yoga to kids with our 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Master your skills in teaching yoga to children with our 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings.

We have courses all over the world!

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and information.

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