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Melbourne 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training – Nov 2018

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Has your heart been captured by our 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training?

Do you want to be the most fantastic children’s yoga teacher in the world?

Are you looking to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia?*

The 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training was made just for you. This course is an extraordinary opportunity to further your yoga teaching career in just seven days! A perfect blend of profound learning and having fun!

Join us on this magical adventure with Gopala Amir Yaffa, the founder of Rainbow Kids Yoga. Gopala wrote the book on teaching yoga to children and you can Read more about Gopala’s inspiring story here

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The 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training has been designed as the next step for graduates of the 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Whilst in the 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you receive all the tools you need to plan and teach fantastic and fun yoga classes for children, in the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you dive deeper than ever with:

  • Preparing for the most amazing job in the universe – teaching children yoga!

  • Learning more specialised tools that will make you an expert in teaching children yoga

  • Exposed to more teaching experience with the Founder of Rainbow Yoga – Gopala Amir Yaffa

  • Enhance your confidence and style as a Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher

Topics covered in this course:

  • Experiential Anatomy and Physiology as it relates to children’s yoga

  • Practical Yoga Philosophy as a way to transform yourself and become a better teacher, as well as how to transmit those values and life lessons to children practically

  • Lots of supervised class planning and teaching practice

  • How to teach new yoga poses, flowing sequences and games

  • Find your dramatic, exciting and motivating teacher voice

  • Deeper knowledge and practice in how to adjust children in poses, how to help them do the poses better and hold for longer

  • Specialisation in Teaching Yoga to Children in the Classroom – creative ways to teach kids how to focus, relax, stretch and prepare their mind and body for studying while at school, without moving the chairs and tables

Rainbow Yoga is unique style of communal and interactive yoga. Our yoga is all about connection, celebrating life and bringing people together. The 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is life changing and will transform the lives of children in your family, school and community.

To qualify for the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you must complete a 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. This course is only open to graduates who have successfully completed a 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training prior to 18th November 2018.

This certificate will never expire and applies as the first 27 hours of the 95 Hour Certification.

Please click here to see our 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Modules

Module 1: Principles of Teaching Yoga to Kids

Module 2: Teaching to Different Age Groups & Family Yoga

Module 3: Classroom Management Techniques

Module 4: Teaching Kids Breathing Techniques

Module 5: Teaching Meditation & Relaxation to Kids

Module 7: Creating a Lesson Plan

Module 6: The Business of Yoga

Module 1: Teach Kids Yoga

Plan and teach 5 Kids Yoga Classes. You will be required to submit your lesson plan and your self-feedback using the Rainbow Yoga Reflection Form. These classes can be classes that you receive payment for on a volunteer basis. Encouraging you to get out there and teach, the world needs you!

Module 2: Study

Read the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, reflect on it and answer questions we will provide you with. We believe that to be a Kids Yoga teacher you need to remember how it was to be a kid and to be able to connect to that part of yourself. This book provides an insight into this.

Module 1: Teaching Yoga to Children with Special Needs

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Low mobility
  • In the hospital
  • Chair-bound

Module 2: Teaching Yoga to Children at School

  • Mindfulness
  • Chair Yoga
  • Focus skills
  • Mental preparation for exams and test anxiety
  • Bullying prevention
  • Stress management
  • Confronting obesity in a positive way

Module 3: Teaching Yoga to Teenagers

  • Connecting with this age group
  • Combining yoga with dance, drama and acrobatics
  • Empowering and creating self-esteem

Module 4: Learn Experiential Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

  • Age-appropriate adjustments
  • Growing bodies
  • Developmental stages
  • Safe practice
  • Body Systems

Module 5: Teaching Skills

  • Finding your teacher’s voice
  • Extensive practice teaching with Gopala Amir Yaffa, the founder of Rainbow Yoga
  • Inventing your own poses, including partner and group poses
  • Elements of vinyasa flow sequencing

Upon successful completion of the course you receive a 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Rainbow Yoga. 

Rainbow Yoga is a Registered School of Yoga and a Registered Children’s Yoga Training with Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance (USA and Canada) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK).

*Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Australia (RYT 350 Hour or above) are eligible for the designation of Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) by completing the Rainbow Kids Yoga 95 hour Teacher Training.

For those who do not yet hold RYT 350 Hour status or above, this is still a wonderful opportunity to further your qualifications and deepen your knowledge for teaching yoga to children.

Many students start teaching yoga to children and then become inspired to deepen their study of yoga by attending a 350 Hour Teacher Training. You can apply for the RCYT designation through Yoga Australia if you successfully complete a 350 Hour Yoga Teacher Training or above after completing the 95 Hour Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training.

Rainbow Yoga delivers an amazing 350 Hour Residential Yoga Teacher Training each year in magical locations around the world. This year we are in the breathtaking countryside of Umbria, Italy with stunning views of the medieval town of Gubbio. Surrounded by fresh water lakes, forest walks and divine nature.

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Rainbow Yoga accepts a range of payment methods and has flexible payment options for students, making it possible for everyone to attend a Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training. 

You may pay tuition fees by

  • Credit/ Debit Card, PayPal through the website 
  • Credit Card over the phone to Rainbow Yoga
  • 12 Month Payment Plan, please enquire about our Payment Plan options
  • ZipPay* register now and pay later in easy installments  
  • Bank Transfer

Pay Fees in Installments 

Rainbow Yoga provides flexible payment options so that you can complete your course and not stress about paying everything up front.

Installment options include

  • 12 Month Payment Plan
  • *zipPay (Australian residents only)

About zipPay

Secure your spot in a course and pay tuition fees at a later date, with no credit card and no interest.

  • Easy approval within 45 seconds utilising Facebook or PayPal
  • Complete flexibility of payment, minimum $40 monthly payments but you can pay as much as you like above this amount
  • No early exit fees for paying out the amount owed
  • No interest ever on this amount – first 60 days are completely fee free
  • Secure and simple online transaction
  • If a transaction exceeds $1000 you can make a copayment using a credit card

*zipPay is only available for Australian residents 

Level Kids
Start Date 19th Nov, 2018
Duration 7 Days
Times 8am-6pm Monday to Sunday
Location Melbourne, Australia
Venue Abbotsford Convent
Address Oratory Space, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia, 3067
Early Bird Ends 19th October 2018 $1,780 AUD
Tuition Fee $1,980 AUD
12 Month Payment Plan $165 AUD per month

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