Build Relationships with Partner Yoga

Build Relationships with Partner Yoga

The beauty of partner yoga is that it builds a strong bridge of communication within relationships. Sometimes we become exhausted and feel pressure in relationships to please one another. We forget important dates and bicker over small things with our most beloved. 

If only there was a way to build stronger communication skills and intimacy within our relationships

There is a way to work through these challenging moments that can be constructive, using the skills we learn in partner yoga. This practice allows us to open a bridge of communication and move over the barriers we create over time in relationships. 

When we practice partner yoga we create a physical form of communication that allows for beautiful relationship building to occur. We learn to move and be moved by another person. There’s far more to this practice than beautiful shapes and Instagram posts, it brings so much more awareness to how we feel, when you are connected to someone else in partner poses.

In relationships and in partner yoga we have a choice to work together and find deep connection and trust in the process. Using our skills in partner yoga we can build upon our personal relationships by enhancing trust, working on counterbalances together, using active listening with our partner, physical and non verbal communication skills.

We play with range of motion in partner yoga, take the pressure out of achieving a certain pose alone and find that we can stretch even further and balance much easier when we practice this together. 

In partner yoga you learn how to share the weight of a pose, mirror your partner’s movements and support one another. It’s such a great way to spend quality time together if this is one of your love languages, along with all the benefits you receive by giving and receiving conscious physical touch. In our Rainbow Partner Yoga Teacher Trainings we touch on the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman and how this can be applied to partner yoga. 

Partner Yoga Balance and Laughter

We play with gravity to find deeper stretches together and make lots of beautiful shapes in the process, all whilst having fun with our partner. You basically become a ninja at counterbalance!

We focus on moving into postures together, slowly and mindfully. There is a lot to be said about taking your time with touch. Being sensitive with your hands and really listening to your partner, not just to their words but to their body, with hand squeezes, non-verbal cues, facial expression and body language. 

Remember it’s all about building trust and deepening your yoga practice – together. Deepen your practice so there is a ripple effect and find that your relationships off the mat deepen as well. 

Rainbow Partner Yoga is great for friends, couples and families. It can be practiced and taught to all ages and settings. 


By Tarah Rocha

Rainbow Yoga General Manager & Senior Trainer


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